The "Customers" feature in Web Shop Manager serves a variety of purposes, allowing your customers to store billing, shipping and past information to their accounts for future purchases.

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In order to create a Customer in WSM you will need access to the "back-end" of your site. Customers themselves have the ability to create their own Customer account when they place an order, but sometimes you may have a list of Customers that you would like to create accounts for.  If you have an eCommerce that is at the Dealer Level or higher, pricing and access groups can be created which allow you to assign special pricing and restrict access to areas of your site based on access given to your Customer.  

Creating Customers

If you would like to add customers to your site you can choose to Import Customers or you can add them "manually". If you would like to add them manually, 

  1. Log into WSM
  2. Hover over Customers in the top navigation
  3. Click on Customers in the drop down list
  4. Click on Add Customer
Basic Customer Settings
*Email Format: Text, is Required. Cannot be shared with another customer account. (must be a unique email address)
*Password Format: Text. A password is required to add a customer, but a customer can change their password once they log in. 
*First Name Format: Text, is Required
*Last Name Format: Text, is Required
Birthdate Format: Select Date
Account Status Format: Drop-down. Active: Customer can add to cart and checkout. Probation: Customer can add to cart and checkout. Account Status Message will appear, if provided. Hold: Customer can add to cart but not checkout. Account Status Message will appear, if provided. If they attempt to checkout an additional message will appear.
Balance Due Format: Decimal. Balance due for this customer. When the value is greater than 0.00 the balance due will be displayed on the the My Account screen, when customer is logged into the site.
Active Format: Radio Button. Select from Yes or No to activate or de-activate your customer login. 
Newsletter You will only see the Newsletter field if the customer has "opted" into your Newsletter. If you are creating a Customer, you will not see this field. 
Advanced Customer Settings
Tax Exempt Format: Radio Button. Select from Yes or No. Most Customers should be set to No. If you have dealers that have a re-sale license, then they would qualify for being Tax Exempt. 
Invoice Only Format: Radio Button. Select from Yes or No. When Yes is enabled, the invoice payment option will be the only payment option available to this customer during checkout.  IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for your customer to checkout, the "Invoice" payment option must be enabled in your store configuration.
Block Free Shipping Format: Radio Button. Select from Yes or No. When enabled, this customer will NOT be allowed to use the "Free Shipping" shipping method. Note: The "Free Shipping" must be set as an available shipping method in your store configuration to be available to other customers. 
Access Group Format: Select Drop Down. Defines the customer group that this customer belongs to. You must first have a Customer Group created for your Add Customer page to have a group to select from. 
Customer Notes Format: HTML enabled. When entered, the information will be displayed to the client on the My Account, Cart and Checkout screen.
Admin Notes Format: Text. Admin-only customer reference material. This information is never displayed to customers. 

Customer Accounts Upon Ordering & Editing

When a customer has proceeded to your Checkout, by default they have three choices. 

  • Checkout As Guest
  • I'm an Existing Customer
  • I'm a New Customer

You can control which of these is the default and whether or not you would like to allow customers to checkout as a guest on the Checkout Tab in your system configuration. If the customer has already placed orders on your site, then they will be able to enter their email address and password to initiate their saved address information to their order. 
If the customer is new and chooses to create an account, their account will be automatically created once their order is placed. Once their account is create, then you as the admin to you site can edit their information, exempt them from tax and add them to a customer group from the edit customer screen. To edit a Customer,

  1. Log into WSM.
  2. Hover over Customers in the top navigation.
  3. Click on Customers in the drop down list.
  4. To find your customer you can sort by any of the column headings, or you can use the Search bar. 
  5. Once you identify your Customer, click on the Edit icon.
  6. Once you make your needed changes, remember to Save Customer.

Impersonating a Customer

From the customer overview page you can click the icon that looks like an ID Card to impersonate a customer. There are several reasons why you may want to use this feature including:

  • View the shopping experience from the customer's perspective to troubleshoot site navigation and checkout processes
  • Assist the customer in completing an order
  • Test any products set to a tiered price group 
  • Test any access levels you have created to restrict pages, products, or categories from being seen or accesses by a particular Customer Group