You may chose to use your site, or a third party software system to manage your inventory. Your decision may depend on whether you sell online exclusively, or in combination with a brick and mortar location(s).

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Deciding to keep inventory

It is possible that it is not necessary to keep inventory. Perhaps your products are made to order and thus using inventory is irrelevant. Perhaps there are several products that are limited to inventory, while others products are made to order. Depending on your product mix you will need to determine the best arrangement to keeping track of your inventory. If you need to monitor inventory you can either maintain it using your site, or by integrating third party software.

Using your site to manage inventory

Your site is capable of managing the inventory of products available through your site. You can do this by either using Inventory or Option Inventory Configuration, both are set at the product level. You can learn more about managing inventory by visiting the Products page.

Using third party software to manage inventory

It is also possible to use accounting systems like Quickbooks to manage your inventory. This may be the best solution if you carry inventory on your site as well as your brick and mortar. To learn more about integrating your site with Quickbooks click here.

Inventory Adjustments

Inventory is adjusted as soon as the customer clicks the "submit" button on the checkout screen.

🔎Note: This only applies to products that have "Inventory" as the Availability Status.