News Topics keep your posts organized and can be used to create libraries of information. Like chapters in a cookbook where you might have salads, soups, etc. You could keep these indexes on a dedicated Site Page or mention grouping in News Articles.

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In addition to keeping your News Articles organized, News Topics can be used for SEO purposes. Instead of using generic keywords and phrases "parts, accessories" use keywords and phrases with more SEO value "truck parts, SUV accessories". News Topics can be assigned to News Articles before or after the News Articles are created. However, it will save time and energy in the long run to give them some thought and create them prior to News Articles.

News Topics can also require Customer Groups to view them. This will allow you to create News Articles that will only be visible to members of a certain group when logged in. This will be useful if you have distributors, for instance, and content that you do not want regular customers to see.


To add a News Topic:

  1. Go to the back end of your WSM
  2. Hover over Modules
  3. Click News from the menu that drops down
  4. Click Manage Topics in the lower left hand corner
  5. Click Add Topic in the bottom right hand corner
  6. From here you can enter all the necessary information for your News Topic. The fields with a red star next to them are required, while the others are optional. It is always a good idea to include as much information as possible for your customers and search engines.


Title* News topic title - include SEO keywords or phrases
Description The description of the topic - describe what your customers can expect to read in this News Topic and include SEO keywords and phrases S
Priority* Sort order for topics
Hidden Hide this topic and all its articles
Template Template to use for this topic and all articles within
Customer Required Determines whether your customers must be logged in to read News Articles within this Topic
Customer Group Determines whether a customer must be logged in, and assigned to a specific Customer Group in order to read News Articles within this Topic


News Topics can be used in unlimited ways to organize News Articles, and add SEO value. A little forethought goes a long ways to maintaining a SEO friendly website that will also benefit your customers shopping experience.