How do I import tiered pricing?

Use these instructional videos to learn how you can assign special tiered product pricing for your dealers, retailers, VIP customers, & more.

📆 last updated: July, 5th 2022

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In order to assign pricing based on customer type (like a dealer or VIP), you must first have customer & price groups created for those customer accounts.

If you do not already have customer & price groups created on your site, please visit our Creating Access and Price Groups article for instructions before proceeding.

Tiered Pricing, part I

In this video we cover:

  • How to add tiered pricing to a product
  • How to create a Tiered Pricing CSV Profile for your site

Tiered Pricing, part 2

In this video we cover:

  • How to export your product data
  • How to adjust your tiered pricing in Excel
  • How to import your new tiered product pricing

Important Tips!!!

  • In your Tiered Pricing CSV profile, the column title value must match the name of your Price Group. 
  • You can assign pricing for multiple tiered pricing groups at once by creating multiple columns. Each column title must match the name of your your price groups.
  • Tiered pricing value is compound. The delimiter is > 
    • First value is the tiered price.
    • Second value is the quantity required to order to qualify for the price.
    • Third value is binary for if the quantity value above is required to order the product. (1 = required , 0 = not required)
  • You can assign multiple tiered pricing values per Price Group by using a multi-value delimiter. The delimiter is ;
  • Force import because of multi-delimiter value in tiered price field.