What are the steps to Enable Reference Transactions for PayPal?

You will find the steps to request enabling reference transactions with PayPal and help with answering their questions.

When Using the WSM 5.0 Payment Gateways for PayPal Express you need to ensure that reference transaction is enabled on your PayPal account. This is needed when the customer clicks PayPal Express from the cart screen. When this occurs WSM sends PayPal the cart value. When your customer finalizes the order on the checkout WSM sends PayPal an updated value which may include shipping, sales tax, or other fees. This requires Reference Transaction with PayPal for the order to be completed.


  1. Either contact your PayPal rep or submit a ticket with PayPal support.
  2. Include in your request: Please enable Reference Transaction on my account for my website, {ENTER YOUR WEBSITE URL}.
  3. PayPal may send you a follow-up asking you to complete some questions. Below are some questions they may ask and a suggested answer if it truly applies to your business model. 
    1. Questions Asked by PayPal to enable Reference Transactions:
      • Please describe what do you intend to use Reference Transaction for?
        Add shipping and sales tax when the customer is on the checkout page. As well as when the customer wants to add products to their order after it is placed on the website.
        • Do you or your buyers need to initiate each subsequent payment themselves or are they processed automatically after the billing agreement is created?
          It will be initiated by the customer on the checkout page. If the client adds items to the order after placing it will be confirmed by the customer and processed by the website owner.
          • Will this service be enabled within your website, mobile app integration, or both?
            • Are you integrating through another payment services provider, such as Worldpay or Ingenico?
              It is integrating into my website using Shuttle - Global Payment Logistics
              • Do you require the Reference Transactions product for use with your Shopping Cart to offer Subscriptions? (For example Woo-Commerce, Charge-Bee.)

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