The Data Feeds Menu is where you can find many of the data files you will need to automatically send updated feeds to different sites.

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Steps to access this menu

  1. Logging into your WSM Dashboard
  2. Clicking Data
  3. Clicking Data Feeds

Automated Shopping Data Feeds

Typically, shopping feeds are manually updated every time a product attribute is modified such as, price, color, description, etc.  There is a more effective alternative to the cumbersome task of manual importing, that’s the good news.  WSM has developed a shopping feed solution that will automatically create, manage and upload nightly the most current product listings via a customized data feed to Comparison Shopping site Google Product Search.  Taking advantage of automated free shopping data feeds will allow you to:

  • Increase visibility in organic search results that include Shopping Results
  • Capitalize on huge volumes of daily site visitors
  • Maintain up-to-date product listings
  • Save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual updating

By the time your site goes live you will automatically be set up with a data feed for TheFind and Google Shopping.

Feeds Defined

Google Base Feed - This feed is used to upload your products automatically to Google Shopping. https://YOURDOMAINHERE/base.xml.gz. For instructions on adding a schedule see this Google knowledgebase page, Note: you do not need to add a Username and Password for your feed.

Google Sitemap - Sitemap file used by Google to find all pages on your site. The sitemap index URL is

URL List - Sitemap file used by Yahoo and some other search engines. The compress sitemap URL is

Email Subscriptions - List of all customer emails that have opted-in to receive newsletters. You can use this list to add emails to a email marketing program like constant contact, mail chimp, etc.

Photo Gallery Export - List of all albums and photos.

Product RSS Feed - Lists the 30 most recently updated products in chronological order.

  1. To get RSS feed for all products under a single category, add ?category=###### to the url where ###### is the category id.
  2. To get the RSS feed information on a single product, add ?product=###### to the url where ###### is the product id.

Product Text Feed - Provides a list of all products in a text feed compatible with