This document will cover how customers sign up for your newsletter through your site, how to export your newsletter subscriptions, and how to add and delete subscriptions manually.

Communicating consistently with current and potential customers through newsletters is a fantastic way to showcase new products, promos and new content. Including email marketing in the form on newsletters is certainly another viable option for marketing to your target audience.

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Subscribing to your Newsletter

Customers can sign up for your Newsletter in a number of ways. First, by checking the Newsletter Subscription box at the time they place their order. Second, when creating an account and register with your site. Third, when an optional Newsletter Subscription box is included on Inquiry Forms.

Exporting your Subscriber List

Your subscribers list will need to be exported from WSM and imported into an email manager that will allow you to manage your newsletters and email to your list.

You can export your list from the Data Feeds screen:

  1. Log into WSM
  2. Hover over Data
  3. Click Data Feeds
  4. Click Email Subscription to download the text file.

Vist the Data Feeds page for more information on the other features.

Managing Newsletter Subscriptions in WSM

Within your WSM Dashboard you can manually view, add, and delete newsletter subscribers. To navigate to the Newsletter Subscription list:

  1. Go to the back end of WSM
  2. Hover over Customers
  3. Click Newsletter Subscription

To add a Newsletter Subscription:

  1. Click Add Subscription
  2. From here you can enter all the necessary information for your Newsletter Subscription. All three fields are required in order to save.
Create Subscription
*Email Subscriber's email address.
*First Subscriber's first name.
*Last Subscriber's last name.
Added Timestamp of subscription.

3. Click Create Subscription to add and save

To delete a Newsletter Subscription from the list page:

1. Click the Red X icon to the left of the subscriber you wish to delete.

2. Click OK to confirm that you would like to delete it.

To view or edit a Newsletter Subscription from the list page:

1. Click the White Tablet icon to the left of the subscriber you wish to delete.

2. Edit the information that you would like to change.

3. Click Save Changes when you are satisfied with the edits.


Newsletters are a fantastic tool to regularly keep in front of your target audience. Bring value to your target audience by including information that is beneficial for them which may include some products information in addition to material that isn't product related.