This article will help you understand the navigation on the Site Information tab and how it can be useful.

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The Site Information tab determines whether your website is an ecommerce website or based only on content. It is important to fill out this information for two reasons:

  1. To gather company contact information to be used on your Contact Page, website header and website footer.
  2. To determine the address of origin for calculated shipping options.

    ๐Ÿ”ŽNote: To complete your Site Information tab, you will need to have Owner or Manager-level access to the back-end of your Web Shop Manager website. You will also need to know the physical address of your business and the contact information that you want made publicly available. Most website owners prefer to have a generic email address such as Info@ or Sales@ as their public email address.

    Viewing the Site Information tab

    In Web Shop Manager,  hover over System and click Configuration.

    Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 4.03.31 PM

    Site Information form definitions

    The table below defines the fields in the Shipping & Handling form and explains their use within the form.  The information from the State, ZIP code, and Country fields are used as your shipping origin when Calculated Shipping is enabled on your site. 

    Site Information
    Site Name The name displayed publicly on your site.
    Owner's name The name of the business owner or site webmaster. This name is typically used for internal reference only. 
    Company The name of your company. 
    Address 1 The main address for your Contact Us page.
    Address 2 Only used if you need to enter additional address information.
    City The city in which your business is located.
    State The state in which your business is located. 
    ZIP Code The zip code for your business location. 
    Country The country in which your business is located. 
    Toll Free Enter your Toll Free number, if applicable. This number can be displayed in several locations on your site.
    Phone The main phone number you would like your clients to use to reach you. This is the number displayed to customers on the order confirmation message. 
    Fax The fax number you want your customers to use. This is not required but is recommended.
    Email The email address displayed to customers on your order confirmation email and the contact.html. page. To help ensure your customers and your team receive emails this email address should always be an address with your domain. ie

    Save Changes

    At the bottom of the Site Information tab, click Save Changes to save any edited information.

    ๐Ÿ’กTip: Always save changes before navigating to another menu option in Web Shop Manager. 

    Displaying site information on other web pages

    With Web Shop Manager, you can dynamically pull information from the Site Information tab to be displayed on another web page.

    Use the code below to add the information to your Site PagesFAQsInquiry Forms, etc. 

    {{ $store->config.title }}

    {{ $store->config.address1 }}

    {{ $store->config.address2 }}

    {{ $store-> }}

    {{ $store->config.state }}

    {{ $store-> }}

    {{ $store->config.toll_free }}

    {{ $store-> }}

    {{ $store->config.fax }}

    {{ if $store-> }}

    ๐Ÿ”ŽNote: It is important to confirm this information before your site goes live. It is especially important if you are using Calculated Shipping or the dynamically created Contact Us page.