The General tab is used to control general features that affect different areas of your site, both front-end and back-end.

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The most import elements of this tab are the Google API key (when using the Locations Module) and the Time Zone setting. It is also valuable if you are utilizing the News, Location or Coupons modules.


Complete the following to access this tab in Web Shop Manager. 

  1. Log into Web Shop Manager
  2. Hover over System
  3. Click on Configuration
  4. Click on the General tab

Form Fields Defined

Below is a list of each field on the General tab. 

General Tab Fields
News Articles* This controls the number of articles that will appear on each News Topic page before WSM will create an additional page. The default is 10. 
Allow Comments

When you check the Enabled box a link is automatically added to your News Articles allowing customers to create an account and submit comments to your News Articles.

Be aware you have the ability to delete comments that are submitted but they do not have a review process.

News Summary Characters Enter the number of characters you want displayed from your news article as a brief summary on: the main news page, news topic page, and author page. The summary will start with the first characters in the description of the article.
Contact Form Text This field is only used if you are not using the Inquiry Forms to create your Contact page. It will allow you to add information to non inquiry form Contact page. See more details about creating an Inquiry Forms Contact page.
Google API Key The Google API key is used for the Location feature in WSM which is only available to stores with the Dealer feature activated. Get more information from "Google API Key page."  
Time Zone The selected time zone is used for time stamps when receiving communication from your clients through Inquiries or Orders. It is also used to determine when your Coupons become inactive.
Order Update Redirect Used with the Store features in Web Shop Manager. When active you can specify what page you are redirected to after updating an Order.
ReCaptcha Site Key

ReCaptcha is used to prevent robots from spamming your site. Enter your API key required for ReCaptcha functionality. Visit Google's site to Generate ReCaptcha Site Key.

ReCaptcha Secret Secret required for ReCaptcha functionality. It is provided during your ReCaptcha setup with Google.
Inquiry Form Limit* Another way to deter robots from spamming your site. This is the number of inquiry form submissions per customer and IP address within the interval time, set below. They will be notified to contact support for assistance when limit is reached.
Inquiry Form Limit Interval* This is the number of minutes that the Inquiry Form Limit resets.


Each time you edit the information on your Site's Configuration, it is important that you click the Save Changes button before navigation to another menu option in Web Shop Manager. Note: you can be on any tab on the System's Configuration screen when you click Save Changes and it will save the changes on all tabs.


Understanding the controls of your General tab will allow you to have better control of your News and Inquiry forms.